This is a photographic study of MINERAE's project by french digital artist Arnaud Laffond

In the words of Arnaud, the work of MINERAE is to erase, to the greatest extent possible, the boundary between the physical form and the digital, the tangible and the invisible, which follows on from his research into digital materials. With the common theme of animism (the idea that everything in nature has a soul), to understand the power with which they should be attributed. The first humans on the planet placed stones vertically, imposing a strong presence through their sculptural forms. By doing so, they found a mean to mark cult places or even to gave the stones the power to convey a divine meaning.

His MINERAE is a initiation journey in three stages Contemplation / Experimentation / Appropriation. Visit his website to get more familiar with te whole project by clicking HERE.

Three weeks ago Arnaud entrusted me stones he found that was recipients of a soul, a divine entity. At first look they appeared to be simple black and white rocks, my work from there was to try to reveal their hidden mystical nature and capture them on photographs. 

After multiple tries and failed attempts to connect with the soul of the stones on spiritual level, in order to reveal what lies behind the curtain of our poor reality, I finally let myself go and opened my mind to the unknown, that’s when I entered in communion with the spirits.

For a short period, I was able to capture the colorful souls that was revealed to me. 

Here are the photographs I was able to take during this spiritual journey to hidden mystical wonders.