This is my first post about photography, and because I am a photographer lets talk about skateboarding.


In a few words, my skateboard culture comes down to :

I love watching skateboarders doing skateboarder things. I also like how the street furnitures (street furniture ❤) is always the first lead in skateboarding videos and how it is used and distorted.

I found this video made by normcore brand New Balance… not Vans, sorry. But the link is from Thrasher mag so I guess it’s pretty legit .


I could have posted another more interesting video, skateboardingally speaking , but I am here to talk about photographic stuff and there are some interesting parts regarding composition, lights and colors (yeah I know about the B&W screenshots) and street furniture on this one.


And there are also nice faces on cars at 1"23…

I won’t screenshots all the good parts so please watch the video to see what I mean :

See ya folks !


PS : Please send me links to your fav videos if you have some interesting ones, photographically speaking !

Intentionally edited screenshots, because why not making edits of screenshots?