Back from holidays, today I simply want to give some love to one of my favorite architecture blog. I won’t describe it better than they do so lets make a pomme+C pomme+V quote :

ATLAS OF PLACES is a non-profit educational journal of architecture, photography, cartography, print and academics. We share essays, criticism, photography, maps, design, narrative journalism, as well as academic projects and university publications that deserve a wide audience.”

The blog is run by Thomas Paturet and Muriz Djurdjevic, both Switzerland based architects, and it covers a wide range of architecture (as a generic word) related subjects.

What I like about this particular blog are the subjects they chose to write about — that you will not find anywhere else, the angle to approach them and the choice of a visually oriented narration.

From each post, you will sense the attention to details they give by, for example, editing satellites views to match together in color and with other visuals. 

Educative and interesting subjects perfectly illustrated, you can’t do better.

I remind you the address :

And you can also give them a follow on IG and FB.

Enjoy !