Born in 1983. 
Back in 2010, I taught myself the basic techniques of photography and digital retouching.
My early work was largely oriented towards the real estate industry and I am now focusing on architectural photography.
As my photography progressed, my eye became influenced by the New Topographics movement (and countless artists like Hugh Ferris, James Turrell, Etienne-Louis Boullée etc.). I began to freely take pictures of the city I live in. 
At first, my personal work focused on places and buildings that are deemed boring by conventional standards.
They lack character (or what we are told character is supposed to be). I explored their patterns, angles, and reactions to light in search of their true beauty. 
As of late, I have felt urged experiment and carry out more abstract research with light, colors, forms and shapes. My recent personal work is non-representative, even surrealistic. The resulting images are intended to read as abstract compositions with photographic cores.
I would define my photographic practice as sequential and opportunistic with a try to transfigure the reality of my everyday life.